Cole Cosby

Cole Cosby is a comedian from Philadelphia (raised in South Jersey), now residing in New York. Cole’s interest in stand up comedy began in middle school from watching the performances of legends such as Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart and the sitcoms of Jerry Seinfeld and Kevin James. Cole’s first time performing stand-up comedy came during his junior year of college at an open mic on Temple University’s campus. Since that day, and after graduation, Cole Cosby went on to rise in the Philadelphia comedy circuit, becoming a regular host (and feature act) at Helium and Punchline comedy clubs, and working with headliners such as Sam Jay, Josh Johnson, and Tony Rock. Cole Cosby has also opened on the road for comedy legends Sinbad, Caroline Rhea and Tammy Pescatelli. Since moving to New York City in 2023, Cole has passed at Stand Up NY, earned a residency at Broadway Comedy Club, and is on a mission to create his own Cosby legacy.

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