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Sammi Price in Being Human

Wednesday August 21st, 2019 - 7:00PM

Location : 53 Above New York, NY

Sammi Price in Being Human.

Comedy. Truth. Poetry. Music. Stories.

"Being Human" dances through topics of connection, human rights, and asks the question of what being human really means.

This is a taped performance, audience members will be asked to sign filming agreement prior to entry. 1 hour duration.

Sammi Price is an actress, poet, and activist based in NYC. She believes in the power of connection in an often-tough world. An avid traveler, Sammi is an Australian born, small-town Wisconsin raised, turned New York City native who shares her creativity and comedy in an ongoing effort to bring awareness to Human Rights and collaborate with others who support the important mission. She has performed/worked in venues across the world, including Madison Square Gallery with her performance poetry, various theatres across NYC including Off-Broadway, United Kingdom performance tour as characters such as Mama Rose (Gypsy The Musical), and universities solo and collaborative (New York University, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Metropolitan University).