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The Fabulous Allen Parsons Show

Sunday April 29th, 2018 - 3:00PM

Location : 53 Above New York, NY

It's a Ratings war out there people! And theFABULOUS ALLEN PARSONS SHOW is on fire to prove they are NUMBER ONE across all networks!Just one problem...Harsh TV critic LEX LEED snuck on to the show and was relegated to the VIP back room...he has dirt on all the players and threatens to sink them and the show! So he is MURDERED (off-stage) WHO DUN IT?
Allen is the "queen," of late night talk show hosts helped by Amy his assertive producer with a chameleon like personality.They entertain the audience with their special guests, Shirley Filana, a performer crossing over from porn to legit films, and Doctor Bob,a motivational speaker/con artist extraordinaire. They all have something to lose if caustic TV critic Lex Leed exposes them on air. A comedy murder mystery with improvisation and audience interaction.